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Introducing: Marisa Peer's Revolutionary
Rapid Transformational Therapy™ Method...
Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT) is a practical, theory-based 300-hour hypnotherapy training course which will teach you how to hypnotise, regress and treat a diverse range of clients and their issues. Marisa Peer is a world-renowned speaker, behavioral expert, counsellor and therapist. She has spent the last year perfecting her training course for aspiring therapists so they can deliver fast and sustainable change to all their clients.  
Marisa Peer spent 30 years developing and honing her specific and unique skills that led to her being voted the best therapist in Britain. You don't need to spend 30 years to get the same level of success because we are offering you an opportunity to train with Britain’s #1 Therapist - Marisa Peer, “the therapist’s therapist”.

Marisa has now released her highly acclaimed and incredibly successful, Rapid Transformational Therapy™ method as an online course. Her RTT™ course provides you with a customised blueprint and roadmap for how to build and run a successful therapy practice.

This is unlike anything you have experienced before because what Marisa has created is a complete formula which means that when you sign up and participate in her clear Step by Step Method, you too will be able to Start, Run, and Develop Your Very Own Thriving Therapy Business!

You may be questioning whether an online training course could be the way to become a therapist with a method that enables you to make a huge difference in the lives of your clients and provides you with the lifestyle that you want. This method is very different from anything you have experienced before and here is why. 

Not only has Marisa Peer been voted as Britain’s top therapist but she’s systematically documented her exact method…

…the same method she’s used to get such extraordinary results with her clients over her 3 decades as a highly successful and sought-after therapist...

...working with an extensive client list including royalty, rock stars, Hollywood actors, Olympic athletes, CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies and political leaders….

What Marisa's Clients Are Saying...
“Marisa Peer is an absolute marvel she not only changed my life — she actually saved it. Within two weeks of having just one session with her, I stopped smoking and drinking for good and developed a completely different attitude to food. That was 21 years ago. I have never had a cigarette or drink since and I don’t want or like unhealthy food anymore despite the fact that I used to devour too much of it.”
-Molly Parkin, Writer and renowned artist
“I don’t consider myself to be “woo-woo” or someone who is easily “swayed” into simply believing something works… But what I experienced in that room with Marisa changed my life — in just minutes. She helped me uncover a massive “block” that I realize now has been holding me back, and just days removed from working with her — I’ve already seen massive (positive) changes in my relationship with my wife, my children, and my employees. THANK YOU Marisa.”
-Ryan Levesque, Best-selling author, President and CEO of RL & Associates
“Without your help and guidance, I never would have been able to achieve my weight loss of over 100 pounds or been able to maintain it. What you did for me is nothing short of miraculous. I owe you my life. Thank you.”
-Jeff Rudom, Actor
About Marisa Peer
Proof of Marisa’s success can be found in her numerous and varied accolades. She is listed in the Tatler guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors, has a long list of celebrity clients, and has been heralded as everything from “The Best Therapist in the UK,” to a “pioneering motivational hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and a winning sports psychologist.”

Gaining a reputation for provoking lasting change in her clients from just a single session, Marisa has become known as the “therapist’s therapist” for her ability to take on and transform clients that other practitioners have failed to help. She developed her course based on a deep desire to spread her singular method to as many people as possible worldwide.

Marisa is also an accomplished author of four best-selling books, translated into a dozen languages. She has been a contributor and columnist to publications including Closer, Men’s Fitness, and major Sunday newspapers and frequently appears as an expert on the BBC and television networks all over the world. She’s been invited to speak by everywhere from TEDx and Conde Nast to the Royal Society of Medicine about her impassioned and effective approach to changing people’s lives from within. 
Marisa’s Mission: To Simplify The World Of Therapy
The conventional wisdom taught in therapy schools is: “The mind is so complicated, it takes a lifetime to understand it — let alone master it.

Marisa’s approach considers what a client wants to achieve from the session. It draws from the past, as a way to understand the present and most importantly, what a new future will look like. The technique provides a very clear goal for the client to work towards. Adopting what might be considered a solution-focused approach to therapy is why RTT provides a positive effect in such a short space of time. RTT also teaches the students marketing skills so they become successful.
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