Are you an experienced Online student who wants to become a RTT Therapist?
Are you not able to attend a live event?
Accreditation of Prior Experience and Learning (APEL)

APEL applications are currently suspended
whilst we undertake a review of the process

We have created a solution just for you. You now have the opportunity to upgrade your existing certifications and become a Rapid Transformational Therapist.

For those of you with prior qualifications our new APEL program allows you to receive accreditation for all that learning. 

With this program you now have the opportunity to also become a part of the RTT Alumni, our exclusive professional membership.

Not only will you be upgrading your award from RTT Practitioner to RTT Therapist, you will also join our Approved Therapist referral network.  Your name will be listed, along with your own page, on our “Find a Therapist” directory,  giving you access to clients looking for therapists in your area. Only Alumni can be listed here as we are promoting your service to clients.  To be able to do this we must ensure that you meet the requirements for this premium directory, including a practical assessment.

Are you ready to:
  •  Receive acknowledgement for the skills and experience you already had acquired as a therapist? 
  •  Become a part of the RTT Alumni program
A professional membership group where you will be stretched and challenged by experienced therapists and benefits including dedicated monthly masterclass, exploring deeper therapeutic issues?
Once you have paid and completed this registration form, we will contact you to arrange submission of your Prior Experience and Learning. If that is considered suitable, we will arrange for you to submit a video of you carrying out an RTT session.

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 Step #3: Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

You agree that you are purchasing the "Accreditation for Prior Experience and Learning (APEL)" from More Than Enough Limited as described in the offer for just $479 / £345, and by doing so you also agree to our full Terms & Conditions.

You further agree to produce a video of you carrying out an RTT session and to submit all the necessary information in order to verify that your previous experience and learning is the equivalent of the 120 hours of live (face to face) training provided at the Marisa Peer RTT Live Training courses.

If you are already a Practitioner Member you will be required to submit a record of the CPD you have undertaken since registering for the RTT Online Course. This must be for a minimum of 450 hours and include the 120 hours live training being submitted as part of APEL plus watching 12 RTT Masterclasses (30 hours) which have taken place since you registered for RTT Online (120 hours). If you are still within the first year of your course, you will join the professional membership 12 months after registering for RTT Online and your CPD submission will be due at that point.

Once purchased and your credit card has been charged, there is a 14-day money back guarantee. Provided you are within the 14 day period and no assessment has taken place of your prior learning or RTT session, you can have complete confidence that you can have a full refund.

Please note that the fee paid for APEL is to cover the cost of assessing your prior learning and RTT session: it does not guarantee that you will be successful in your application. However, if the prior learning and experience is deemed insufficient, we would not proceed with the assessment of the video and would refund your fee, less the non-refundable administration charge of $105 / £75.

Are there any more fees to pay?

After successfully completing your RTT session and assessment of prior learning, you will be eligible to join the Alumni - our most exclusive level of membership - in order to develop your expertise and understanding. We know just how important it is to be immersed within a supportive environment and to be surrounded by more experienced graduates who can share their knowledge.

Membership of the Alumni offers a range of benefits including continued access to our bespoke Marketing Programme,“Building A Busy Practice”, membership of the Facebook Group exclusively for the Alumni and additional Alumni Masterclasses, together with further training opportunities. Joining the Alumni also provides a pathway to Clinical Hypnotherapist certification and grants permission for your continued use of RTT branding, all for only $300 / £220 per annum.

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