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Here's a Sneak Peek of What You'll Learn Inside Marisa Peer's I Am Enough:
 Module #1: Life Purpose
In this module, Marisa will set into motion what you need to identify and understand your purpose and help you ignite the drive, ambition and confidence you need to begin living your life, doing what you are meant to do and excelling at it.
 Module #2: Attracting & Maintaining Wealth
This module is designed to alter your perspectives at a deep, subconscious level so that you can attract and maintain wealth. Once you change your beliefs to ‘I can earn this and I deserve it and I am worth it’ while simultaneously letting go of the shame or guilt or fear at a deep, subconscious level, you will be free of your money blocks and able to live a more abundant life, not only benefiting yourself but so many others too.
 Module #3: The Secrets of Your Mind
In this module, Marisa will teach you how to collaborate with your own mind so that you maintain a healthy and productive dialogue with yourself and your mind becomes your best friend, your cheerleader and your most supportive ally and coach.
 Module #4: The Secrets of Success & Successful People
Marisa will show you how to wire these systems into your mind so that this becomes intrinsically part of you, as opposed to feeling like a heavy task or challenge that you have to make yourself complete. 
 Module #5: Your Relationship With Your Body
This module will reignite an effortless desire to respect your body by genuinely preferring healthy foods and receiving immense pleasure from exercise. This is not work. It simply becomes a part of you so that you are never again ruled by what you should or shouldn’t eat and are free to say no or yes to anything without feeling bad.
 Module #6: Attracting & Maintaining a Loving Relationship
In this module, Marisa shows you how to powerfully transform your unconscious beliefs about love and about how lovable you are. Once this happens, you will attract the right kind of love and the right kind of relationship into your life, one that completes you, and you will be able to grow and maintain a wonderful, loving relationship for the rest of your life.
 Module #7: You Are Enough
Marisa combines the foundational elements of the entire program to work with your trained mind to boost your self-esteem and harness your inner confidence, allowing you to be adept at self-praise and criticism deflection, able to thrive in every area of your life and able to pass on the vital transforming message ‘I am enough’ to your children, friends and loved ones.
 Module #8: Having a Powerful Sex Life – All Your Life
Sexual empowerment doesn't just keep an intimate relationship alive — it is actually a healthy and vital source to creating a true connection, deep bonding, inner confidence and even overall well-being.
This module will show you how you can transform your sex life, how you can become more orgasmic and how you can keep that going at any stage in your relationship, regardless of your age, the length of your relationship or your previous sexual response.

Each Module Of I Am Enough Includes:
 Introductory Video From Marisa
Marisa is, without doubt, one of the most engaging therapist/speakers gaining international accolades for her contribution to this body of work. In each module's introductory video Marisa will outline the content of the module and it will last for around 45 minutes. Marisa will instruct you on how to get the best results from each module.
 Audio Download To Listen To Daily
Each module contains a downloadable audio track. For the best results, ensure you listen to the relevant audio download for each module every single day to wire the changes into your mind. The mind learns by repitition, so listening to the audio each day is really important.
 Hypnosis And Regression Video Lesson From Marisa
The core of each module is a extensive regression and rewiring hypnosis video. In this video, Marisa will regress you and begin to rewire you mind so you can believe you are capable and deserving of pheneomenal success, happiness, relationships, wealth and health.
 Daily Emails Containing Quotes, Inspiration and Videos
Each module of I Am Enough contains 14 extra daily emails containing information, videos and quotes from Marisa designed to help you acheive incredible success whilst taking the course. 
 BONUS: Access To the I Am Enough Facebook Group
Gain access to a private community of students in a secret Facebook group to share your journey, join discussions, and learn together.
Transformations Reported by People Who’ve Experienced
Marisa Peer’s I Am Enough Technique
  • Identify and understand your purpose so that you achieve significance in life
  • Ignite the drive and confidence you need to live the life doing what you’re meant to do
  •  Harness your love for yourself so that you can attract positive relationships
  • Grow and maintain loving relationships with others
  • Rewire your beliefs around money so that you become a wealth magnet
  • Redefine your associations and attitudes around food so that you can easily create healthy eating habits and resist bad ones
  • Truly enjoy exercise as a way to celebrate and respect your body so that working out doesn’t become a chore
  • Maintain a healthy and productive dialogue in your mind to make your thoughts your most supportive ally
  • Boost your self-esteem and harness your inner confidence
  •  Easily welcome praise (from yourself and from others) and deflect criticism
  • Thrive in your relationships, career and social environments by being comfortable with living from your truth — strengths, flaws, and all
 What Others Are Saying About Marisa Peer...
“For the first time ever I can work with food and it does not rule me at all”

“Working with Marisa has helped me to change some deep-rooted issues. I no longer use food to cope and I can finally become slim. I am amazed at how much food I am leaving; I can’t not finish food and I am indifferent to junk food which is such a buzz to me. For the first time ever I can work with food and it does not rule me at all.”
Steven Wallis
Chef and Winner of Masterchef  UK 2007
“As a graduate of Marisa Peer’s 1st course I just want to share that I have already recouped the cost of my course back in fees - this is with minimal advertising and seeing quite a few people for practice for free during January. 

The support from Marisa and fellow practitioners after the course is absolutely priceless and is the difference that makes ALL the difference XXX”
-Gina Fee, RTT™ Graduate

She blew us all away with her powerful talk

When Marisa spoke at Afest in May 2015, none of us were surprised when she won Best Speaker. She blew us all away with her powerful talk and it has been having an impact on our office ever since. Marisa is one of our favourite speakers and one of our most successful authors.”

Vishen Lakhiani
Founder of Mindvalley

“Marisa gets to the root of the issue

Marisa’s work is profoundly effective. She gets to the root of (the issue) and liberates you from it’s vice-like grip.”

Multiple Award-Winning Artist
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