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Learn RTT™ so you can transform other people’s lives and your own life too
Do you believe it is hard, maybe even impossible to have it all. I know you can have it all, and I designed Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™) Online to help you have it all.  
Learn to MASTER the ART Of Rapid Transformational Therapy™
by becoming CERTIFIED as an RTT™ Practitioner  
What if you knew that you could have a career transforming lives? That you can have a successful business making a difference by really helping people .

Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™) Online is your opportunity to join a professional training program. You will learn how to help people overcome fears and phobias, anxieties and addictions and even issues like depression and obesity.

When you train with me online you will be taught cutting edge techniques that show you how to give people complete freedom from their issues.

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We would love you to join this new and exciting therapy training program.

Here's a Sneak Peek of What You'll Learn Inside 
Marisa Peer's Rapid Transformational Therapy™ Certification Program
Module #1:  Welcome and Foundations
In this section, Marisa outlines what to expect from the programme and begins to nurture your self confidence and skills needed to succeed. You will learn how to get the most from the programme and how to navigate through the varied course materials. Only once you understand the foundations for RTT™, should you begin to think about how you could run a successful practice.
Module #2:  Introduction To Marisa’s Revolutionary RTT™ Method
This short section provides the background information you need to know about hypnosis and its influence on RTT as a methodology, as well as how you can use the specific RTT techniques that Marisa will teach you to embark on a successful career. 
Module #3:  Setting Up Your Clients for Success
Marisa will share her experience as an outstanding therapist to show you how the first 10 minutes of every session are the most important for your clients. Learn how to use those minutes to set your clients up for success and how that will drive the session.   
Module #4:  How To Hypnotise Your Clients
Learn Marisa’s simple yet highly effective method for inducing hypnosis. Once mastered you will be amazed at how easily you are able to put friends, family members and clients into a deep state of trance.   
Module #5:  Rapid Detection of Core Issues
Marisa reveals her unique and extraordinary method for rapidly uncovering the root cause of a client's problem. Regression is a powerful tool that needs skilled handling. You will develop detective-like skills, linking scenes in a way that allows your clients to make sense of the barriers and challenges they have been facing. This deep understanding that you develop with your client enables them to be free to move forward in a positive way. This is why the program is called RAPID Transformational Therapy™.
Module #6:  HowTo Do The Transformation
Learning how to create a transformation is a highly skilled technique that you will develop in this module. Marisa shows you how to use the information you gathered in scenes and reframe the beliefs that were attached to that. Marisa believes this is what moves clients away from pain and enables them to change their lives.
Module #7:  HowTo Resolve Specific Issues
This section will consolidate your prior learning as the technique drills down to focus on the specific themes/issues you are likely to face as a practitioner. Marisa teaches you how to apply her method to the multiple challenges that clients face. 
Module #8:  RTT™ Accreditation
This module supports you to complete your final assessment in Rapid Transformational Therapy. The exam takes approximately 1 - 1:30 hours to complete and consists of short answer questions. For students whose first language is not English you will be given extended time. Students can resit the exam should they need do and with the support of a team member to advise you.
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