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RTT™ is having an impact all over the world. Each day people are being transformed and having their lives changed. Marisa's RTT™ method has the capacity to have an impact on people instanly and produce long lasting results.

Read some testimonials below from people who have benefited from RTT™.
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I wanted to say a HUGE thank you from the bottom of my heart, for you & the work you do.

You have changed my Mum’s life.

This year has been horrendous for her. Since New Years Day, she has been admitted to a psychiatric ward twice, had a seizure which put her into intensive care, and has just had to have a hip replacement too.

As you can imagine, her mental state has not been good at all. She began to fear being at home in her flat, because she lives alone.

When I say she feared it, I actually mean she was terrified. Her anxiety was through the roof.

She had spoken to counsellors, doctors, and psychiatrists and no-one seemed to be able to help reduce her anxiety.

With the help of her lithium medication, her depression finally began to lift. But her morning panic attacks each day, remained.

The strange thing was, that these attacks didn’t seem to be conscious. She was getting them in the moments between coming out of sleep, before she was fully conscious.

She had asked her psychiatrist if this meant the problem was related to her subconscious mind instead.

His reply was simply “I don’t know”; and she was not given any advice, other than the usual CBT.

I signed up for your wonderful RTT™ training because you’d said that the root cause of all issues is ‘not feeling enough’, and that RTT™ can cure this.

As a Self Worth coach, you can see why I KNEW your therapy was a no-brainer for me to learn; I knew it was the missing piece of my coaching.

But your training has turned out to be so much more than I had hoped for; in discovering that you also include how to cure physical and mental issues too.

I decided that I wanted to ‘try out’ the RTT™ on my Mum; to help with her anxiety at a subconscious level.

She was only the second person I’d worked on, and to be honest it was a bit clumsy. I’d forgotten certain lines, there were long pauses, and so on.

This took place one month ago, and she has not had an anxiety attack since then!

Despite my inexperience, the RTT™ process still worked; which just proves to me, how utterly powerful your process is!

You have changed my Mum’s life, Marisa.

Doctors, counsellors, psychiatrists, CBT couldn’t help her. 

But YOU did.

She felt trapped, helpless to this anxiety. She thought she’d have to live with it forever.

But YOU have set her free.

And we cannot thank you enough.

All the love in the world to you,"
Sharon S
Public Speaking Client
"I have been fortunate to have met and stayed with Marisa Peer in London a few years ago. I have just spent that past 4 weeks traveling around the world promoting my safari lodges and The Mother Africa Trust - doing presentations and public speaking in many places to may people. Thanks to Marisa, it gets easier and easier to stand up and be on show"
Marion W
RTT ™Client
"I am Marion, I'm 38 and am a single mum to my gorgeous little boy Zak who's 4 and I live in UK. I was so inspired by Marisa’s work as I spent most of my life in and out different therapy feeling totally confused at a loss with myself/ my life, then I saw Marisa 18 months ago and I had more of a shift in one session then i had, had in the previous 37 years! I believe RTT™ is the way of the future for mental health, and I am spending a lot of time in Gambia, West Africa working with a charity that works with women and children who have suffered abuse. Part of their work is providing Therapy and counselling and my aim after the course is to introduce them to RTT™."
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RTT™ Client Testimonials
“My Life Is Transformed”
“RTT™ is incredible and so empowering! Thank you Marisa Peer- not even a year & my life has #TRANSFORMED.”
Ida D
RTT™ Graduate and Client
“I feel so fantastic”
“I came to see you on the 13th of March, about 6 weeks ago and I have to say you have changed my life!!! I feel so fantastic and I have dropped about a stone in weight so I am half way to achieving my goal! Thank you so much, you are quite amazing! When I do get to my 9-9 1/2 stone I will write to you properly, I will even 
include pictures! 

Thank you so much! I am so happy because of you!” 

Asiye-Lisa C
RTT™ Weight Loss Client
"I feel really wonderful right now"
"I suffered depression for years as I was unhappy and thought I was not enough but by being involved for some time now with Marisa's work I feel really wonderful right now and I am happy with myself."
Uschi  G
RTT™ Depression Client
"I was born with Cerebral Palsy on the right side of my body caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain because I had the umbilical cord around my neck. 

At the beginning of the session, I felt some pressure on the left side of my brain, followed by a weird/amazing movement on the left side of the brain, I felt my brain expanding outwards, my left ear got extremely hot and tears started to build on the left side. 

At the end of the session, I felt so much lighter and as if something was lifting my body up to be straighter. I remember stepping down from the chair in front of the class, noticing this unknown steady feeling in my right foot straight away and my body posture was also more up right before my body weight was always focused on the stronger left side. That same evening I was testing my strength in my right foot by standing during my journey on the Tube. Before bed, I felt the left side of my brain move some more. 

I recall thinking, “Is Cerebral Palsy really gone now?!” 

One week later I have noticed that my right shoulder is more level with the left and my right arm has felt lighter ever since my session with Marisa last week. J The progress continues and I will keep the reports coming…

I now say this: I do not have Cerebral Palsy anymore, I now just have to teach my left side to give the control back to the right, as it was designed to do.

RTT™ Cell Command Therapy works in groundbreaking ways that I never thought possible. I am all in, in making the medical world aware of how it can change people’s lives for the better. 

I am forever grateful for what you have done for me, Marisa."

Angela D

RTT™ Cerebral Palsy Client

RTT™ Client Testimonials
“RTT™ has a way of making the client look at their life experiences from a new viewpoint ”
Since my RTT™ session with Marisa I have released 5 solid pounds of fat/toxins and my size 8 pants are getting looser, slowly. I alternate between audios everyday. Sometimes the pain I feel in my legs while listening is almost unbearable and sometimes I forget I am in a body. I wore pants that I bought last fall, (could not get them over my calves) , and now they are too big in the waist, but still very tight in the legs. 

Reversing a disease is doable, we just need to unravel the thoughts that created it. RTT™ has a way of making the client look at their life experiences from a new viewpoint and gives clarity and understanding to the client.
Kelly S
RTT™ Client With Marisa Peer
“Thank you deeply because you have helped me change my life”
"I am writing you from Mexico and I want to thank you deeply because you have helped me change my life, God bless you and I hope I have the chance to meet you pretty soon in person.... Since I watched the first video of yours I felt like a click in my mind, it was the video "To reach beyond your limits by training your mind" suddenly everything was clear to me, now I feel great about life, I am enough and I have this strong believe that everything that I ever wanted is about to be manifested in my life...I

 have this strange but wonderful feeling that I am enough and the universe is working with me because I want it to."
Xelif A
RTT™ Client
“You have now given me the strength and purpose in life”
“I will always be eternally grateful to you for helping me with so many aspects of my life..... 

Firstly the Depression. I actually felt a whoosh of the depression and any negativity leaving my head when you did the live demo with Frances on stage. Since then, I have no negative self-critical voice in my head telling me I'm not good enough. I had done a fair bit of RECHT (Rational Emotive Cognitive Hypnotherapy) with my previous tutor and having had several expensive sessions with him at his Harley Street Clinic, I came to the conclusion that all my issues were linked to my father thinking or telling me that I'm not good enough. It was left at that with a bit of ego-boosting at the end. 

So when I did your 'Uncompromised Life' course it was a revelation to me that you not only knew what the problem was, but also how to go about fixing it... 

Secondly, my Skin Acne. Again, since doing the healing vortex session when you put your hand on my head, my skin is clearing up daily and is looking much better now and continues to clear every day. I use command cell therapy every day to command my skin to look clear and bright whilst looking at the parts of my skin that are clear I say "And THAT is how the rest of my skin is looking too clear and bright" Is that correct? 

I have been listening to your recordings every day and this has helped me immensely too. 

So onwards and upwards, Marisa. I hope my migraines are finished with for good and I need to work on seasonal hayfever when the time comes. Also I am slowly reducing my dose of anti-depressant which I've been trying to come off for the last 13 years. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marisa. I can not say it enough! I send you Metta (loving kindness) in my daily meditations too to support you and your marvellous, incredible work. 

You have now given me the strength and purpose in life I needed to take this work forward in helping others too which is the greatest gift there is! "
Claire C
RTT™ Graduate and Client
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